Twinkle Star Exam Centre
Cambridge GOLD Preparation Centre

Client name:

Twinkle Star


January 2016 - Present

Services provided:

Re(branding) & collaterals, web design, web dev, marketing, copywriting, photo & video production, consulting, a.o.


On going


Exploration and discovery

Twinkle Star was already a leading company in its domain. We took over a few years ago, and we started with a brand refresh that lead to a smoother growth and to a more efficient communication.

After a few months of client discovery, we came with a whole new approach on the visuals and communication, we ramified the services into multiple websites, and we automatized the processes.


Choosing typography







With over 5000 students and teaching in 3 cities, Twinkle Star has a permanent need of graphic materials for the offline and in in-house events.

Although, over the years we started to digitalize everything and during the pandemics we went online 100%. It was a great challange, but we managed to get it done.


Web experience

During the COVID-19 pandemics, we had to go 100% digital. So we created an online platform where over 40 teachers and 5000 students met everyday to continue the courses.

The tests are now passed online too. From a recent opinion poll, over 95% of the parents are more than satisfied with the online platform and they say that it was needed.



With a permanent increase of students, products and provided services, Twinkle Star chose to work together with us for the last year in order to increase sales and conversions.

During the pandemics, the marketing took a very important place in the company's development as from that moment, they started to sell nationally.