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Branding alone isn’t enough create an iconic brand. Personalisation components and the merging of an even greater campaign produces the accurate digital experience. We are a diverse creative agency, with a core focus on the human factor of all businesses. We are always here to guide, working together to create something we are collectively proud of.


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We tailor custom digital projects that combine elegance and digital intelligence. We are designers, project managers and proficient marketers. With the skills to develop impactful web applications and sites that are user friendly. Built alongside your requirements, having a lasting impact on user experience. Stand out from your competitors and create a powerful site that embodies people and technological power.

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When it comes to digitalisation, our projects are like new life. Needing attention, guidance and a fuelling start. WePixel is there for you throughout all stages of your product, keeping a close relationship with you and your customers. As we always say, human factor is most important for any business and its digital products.

About WePixel

Started a dream, now reality...

Today we have a team, meet the people who make things happen.

Putting together an effective digital creative team might seem like a tall order. In fact, many times the difference between a successful digital product and just another website is having the right people on your side.

We are lucky and excited to work together each day. It’s not always fun and games, but when it comes to sticking together and achieving project goals, well, you’ve just found the right crew.

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Co-founder & Tech Manager


Adnan Y // web elephant

Web Designer & Developer

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Ionuț V // visual master

Art Director

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Dimi I // the I know a guy guy

Operations Manager

Alex P

Alex P // connecting people

Project Manager ​

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Cristina P // web crafter

WordPress Developer

Creative Partners

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