La Costa
Selected Store

Client name:

La Costa


2017 - 2019

Services provided:

Rebranding, website, ecommerce, photo & video production, marketing, events, OOH.




Exploration and discovery

The high quality products that were sold at La Costa needed a better brand. After weeks of meetings and shops discovery, we sketched a new identity, more appropriate for the needs of a Selected Store.

We went in-depth during the discovery phase. We had 1 to 1 meetings with the employees and the client's partners, we created polls for the customers and finally we transformed a "corner shop" into a "selected store".




Choosing Typography

Benton Sans Thin

Custom Font



The new identity was the perfect touch for the new store in the city centre. Once the new branding was out, new materials were needed. All the materials were carefully designed in order to convey the right image.

The offline materials and the new brand weren't enough for +4000 products, many of them very rare or unheard of. So we started working on a new website and inevitably a new online store.


Web design

The web design for the new website was meant to be clean and simple, considering the cient's desires too. We needed the clients to browse it easily and to understand & assimilate the new concept... to feel the luxury.