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November 2020

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Exploration and discovery

In 2019-2020, Iași was the host of the National Youth Capital Probgram. This program continued as FONTIS - an association of Youth Organizations of Iași.

FONTIS aims to develop the first youth strategy of Iasi, to invest in the capacity of the non-governmental youth sector and to actively contribute to the development of the community.


Choosing typography



After the branding process was done, we started working on the visuals (online & offline materials). Everything was ready within a month and the project was able to go further.

What we did exactly? Business cards, posters, roll-ups, flyers, lightoboxes, car design, office design, costume design, stickers, banners, a.o. Next step? The online presence.


Web design was one of the most challenging projects. Why? The structure of the website is very complex, and it was built to help the FONTIS team to maintain the website very easily. That meant a lot of automatization and a very logical structure.

Our web team developed an unique design, after more iterations. The best UX / UI principles were applied. When it comes to development, over 65 unique templates were created. Dynamic content, ACF, custom styling and a lot of testing.