H2O Clean
First laundry app in Romania

Client name:

H2O Clean


January 2018

Services provided:

All services included




Exploration and discovery

H2O Clean was a challenge. A whole new concept was created and we needed to find the right way to launch it locally. So we started sketching everything...

After a few weeks of discussions, meetings and research, we discovered the right needs of the client in order to create a powerful laundry brand for the local market.


Choosing typography


Logo construction



After the branding process was done, we started working on the visuals (online & offline materials). Everything was ready within a month and the project was able to go further.

What we did exactly? Business cards, posters, roll-ups, flyers, lightoboxes, car design, office design, costume design, interior design, stickers, banners, a.o.


Web design

The design for the website and the app were meant to highlight the services that H2O Clean provides. We needed a clear and simple approach, having the brand assimilation goal in mind.

During the last year, the designed suffered changes as we needed to change to focus from awareness to sales and conversions. This is also where our marketing started to take over in order to increase the numbers.


Web & Mobile App

The module was built in React Native, so it could be easy to manage. All the changes (for the web app and Android app too) can be deployed from a single CMS. Sweet, right?

The app was custom-built to fulfill the client's needs. The clients can create an in-app account very easily and then all they need to do is to order.